Executive Search isn’t just about finding candidates. It’s about having a deep understanding of our clients and the industries we serve. Our executive search consultants possess relevant industry expertise and cultural knowledge to recruit the best and qualified leaders for your company. Keene Advisory Group has successfully recruited C-level and emerging executives into positions with publicly-traded, privately-held and not-for-profit organizations, ranging from early-stage to global Fortune 500 corporations in the following industries: consumer markets, industrial, financial services, healthcare & life science, professional services, social impact, technology and private equity.
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With the never-ending advancement of technology, digitization, and automation, how we reach and connect with consumers is all about speed and transparency. Companies must keep up with the demands of technology, consumer accessibility, and evolving consumer attitudes to remain relevant.

At Keene Advisory Group, our consultants stay current with the trends in consumer demands which helps inform us of the unique qualifications necessary to recruit the best leader for your company to grow and remain relevant in this highly competitive and saturated marketplace.
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Keene Advisory Group serves multiple verticals within this established yet diverse sector including energy, manufacturing, building products, chemicals, electrical, infrastructure, mining & metals, and packaging. A talent crisis has emerged across several of these industry sectors today. Our expanded and unique approach to executive search can provide these industries with a diverse set of candidates, many of whom would not be identified with a traditional executive search approach. Our consultants leverage their experience in these industries and their ancillary infrastructure and consulting services to successfully identify and attract emerging and established executives who possess the skill set required to navigate these sectors' ever-changing political and regulatory challenges.
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financial services

Convergence and consolidation continue to define the financial services industry. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the way we work, bank, trade, insure and buy homes, however, the industry was quick to reevaluate, innovate and pivot its infrastructure to accommodate a mobile workforce and customer base, and these changes are likely to stay. Keene Advisory Group can help recruit the best innovative leaders for our consumer financial services, financial technology and insurance clients in this new digital landscape to ensure responsible growth while accounting for evolving risk and compliance parameters.
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Health & Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences sector faces overwhelming complexity that blurs divisions of once clearly delineated pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies; and the corresponding healthcare systems and insurers. The COVID-19 pandemic blurred those lines even more. To add to the complexity, companies have had to and will need to continue to address issues such as the demand for virtual healthcare, health equity, diversity and inclusion, collaboration and resource sharing, not only with domestic competitors but globally as well. Keene Advisory Group works across the healthcare sector internationally, addressing a range of client talent acquisition needs and finding skilled leaders to lead your organization through these challenges.
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private equity

Private Equity is a complex business and requires seasoned, savvy and dynamic leaders with a proven track record to ensure success for their firm, portfolio companies and stakeholders. We partner with Private Equity companies to assess and advise on talent needs and identify and recruit the best candidates who can lead their companies through growth and success. Keene Advisory Group utilizes its collective industry experience, expertise and networks to advise and implement short and long-term talent management needs.
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professional services

The war for talent is real, and human capital is recognized as a primary driver of enterprise value. None is more true than for the Professional Services industry. Functional expertise aside, professional service firms’ increasing overlap in service offerings complicate client relationships at the local, national, and global level. Keene Advisory Group draws upon deep sector experience in assurance, consulting, legal, and outsourcing to attract executive talent capable of successful client development and large-scale execution.
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social impact

Universities, non-profits, NGOs and foundations are important organizations that make significant impacts in the world and the communities in which we work and live. These organizations need visionary leaders who understand the current and future needs of the communities they serve. Keene Advisory Group makes a consistent effort to partner and engage with associations, non-profits, and advocacy groups which provides for deeper industry, functional, and cultural insights. We believe in the work of these organizations and we are honored to have a hand in the success of these organizations by finding the visionary leaders they require.
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Keene Advisory Group recruits commercial and other functional leadership into multiple verticals including big data & analytics, communications, hardware, and software & the internet for a range of technology clients. The impact of technology on our world and the subsequent rate of change cannot be understated. Globally, there are about 135 million tech-related startups each year. The tech industry requires nimble and innovative leaders just to keep up with its competitors, which increase by the day. We also cannot ignore the fact that diversity in the tech industry has been and continues to be a problem. Not only can we provide access to a diverse set of candidates for our technology clients using our unique search methodology, but we do deep dives for every client and examine role requirements to ensure those requirements are inclusive for all.