Read and listen to expert insight from our Founder, Eric Douglas Keene on executive recruiting, diversity recruitment and retention, and diversity and inclusion in the C-Suite and Boardroom.

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The Realities of Recruiting Diversity to the Boardroom

"The reality is that high demand for diversity talent requires boards to partner with a search firm that can genuinely represent them in a very crowded market. Understanding a few key decision points can help those responsible for board composition make informed decisions regarding which firm to select." Read more here.

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Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Executives

Eric Douglas Keene was an honored guest on Innovating Leadership, Co-creating Our Future. Hosted by Maureen Metcalf, it is a global radio talk show that focuses on executive leadership topics. We discussed your insights and experience in innovation and creativity, the challenges to those, and advice you have for leaders. This interview is now available on-demand here.

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Diversity in the C-Suite

Keene Advisory Group's Founder, Eric Douglas Keene sat down with Columbus CEO magazine's Katy Smith to discuss the obstacles and the solutions to diversifying the C-Suite. "It’s particularly poignant when we speak about issues of diversity and inclusion. Our hypothesis is that there are fantastic qualified candidates of color and women who are out there. It is incumbent upon the search firm and the companies to go out there and find them.” Read more here.